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Cosmos CM12.X


Cosmos L CM12 is out! This Theme contains these Apps/Parts of System:- Browser- Calculator- Contacts- DeskClock- Dialer- File Manager- Gallery- Keyboard- Google Keyboard- Settings- SoundRecorder- SystemUI- Google PlayInstallation:1) Install the theme.2) Apply Style, StatusBar, Wallpapers, Lock Wallpapers, Navigation Bar and Fonts.3) Reboot your phone.4) Wonder!
This theme also contains Wallpapers and Navigation Bar!Thank you for downloading and rating my app! P.S. Google Now theme will be activated after 2-3 days of using my theme! (No promises)P.P.S To use my keyboard theme, please apply material dark in keyboard settings!P.P.P.S You need 720p/1080p/2k/4k screen resolution!P.P.P.P.S CyanogenMOD12 is still in beta testing.. So this theme kann have some issues. Dont hate so much pls.P.P.P.P.P.S Your phone must have not less than 1GB RAM. It also must have good processor.Icons - CandyCon.Space, Cosmos, Universe, CM12 Theme, Theme Engine CM12